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Games by Antonio Hajden

Solomeow's Happy Magic Blast

A game that will be finished and published one day.

That day is not today

in development

A seemingly generic Match 2 game

Meet Solomeow, a peculiar wizarding cat who will be your familiar, companion and friend as you learn the ropes of running a magical potion shop!

Beat Match 2 levels to gather elemental ingredients necessary for potion-making. Sell potions, grow your shop and expand your magical abilities by researching new, devastating spells. Solomeow will happily guide you along the way as you uncover arcane secrets. And if anything ever feels off, ignore it. Everything's just fine!

Solomeow work in progress

Meager Genesis

Developed in 48 hours for Ludum Dare - a game development competition

Ludum Dare

Chill exploration of evolving music and visuals

Sit back. Headphones on. 🎧
Travel around empty space collecting light orbs; as stars and nebulae fill it up with light and color, and the music grows richer and deeper.

Developed fully in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 45.
Theme: Start With Nothing.

This was my first foray into developing a game solo for a game jam. The focus was largely on audio-visual presentation and polish. The game could use more content, but being short shouldn't overstay its welcome. I may revisit it in the future for a fuller release.

This is the unchanged Ludum Dare version, warts and all.

Meager Genesis screenshot Meager Genesis screenshot